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For 20 years I lived in a sporting bubble.

Hi, I’m Jacqui Cooper, and for 20 years I dedicated my life to becoming the best Aerial skier of all time, achieving 5 world titles and being a 5 time Olympian. My focus was being the best could be.

After the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, I decided to retire from sport. I was married, settled into Melbourne and began thinking about having a family.

On the AFL Grand Final weekend of 2012, I gave birth to our first child, a beautiful baby girl, Madeline Mary (now affectionately nicknamed Moo Moo). She was wanted, she was ours, and she was perfect.

The first six months were so easy. Moo Moo slept well and was an extremely happy baby. It wasn’t until she moved onto solid foods that we started to see problems. When we put Moo Moo into day care in January 2014 we knew it would be tough however, she immediately became sick. We knew it had to be more that colds and flu’s as she was vomiting 5 – 6 times per week. On top of all the sickness, she also developed an extreme allergy at 17 months old to peanuts.

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Pictures above of Sick Moo Moo

After months of feeling like her allergies were under control, we still could not stop the frequent vomiting. We saw doctor after doctor with no solutions until finally at two and a half years old and Moo Moo weighing only 10.5 kg we found an allergen specialist who diagnosed Coeliac disease…

Once we found out the real problem the journey began. Setting up the pantry for her, having clear labels, setting out meal plans for her and shopping in supermarkets for gluten free food. Quite often Moo Moo would ask me “Is that Food For Me?”.

While navigating through the supermarkets food items became very frustrating. Supermarkets don’t make it easy if you are gluten free. So, I started to build a relationship with Coeliac Australia getting to understand the market and needs of the gluten free consumer.

A missing link for Moo Moo was to have something tasty and fresh that was easy for us to buy and bake at home so she wasn’t missing out. We went into full research and development of a line of frozen doughs. Doughs you could take home, put in the oven and a beautiful fresh bakery item would be born.

We are launching a full range of frozen bakery doughs including: pizza bases, muffins, cookies and sweet and savoury pastry doughs.

“If somebody had asked me at the start, middle or end of my career, “Do you know what Coeliac Disease is?” I wouldn’t have been able to answer the questions. I would have had a guess, but I would have been very, very wrong.”